Our Read Aloud Lessons are designed to give you insights about the selected book to enhance your read aloud session and present civics learning in a fun, memorable way.

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A key part of our mission is to infuse literature-based civics learning into everyday practice. Our Read Aloud Lessons are designed to give you titles and insights about the selected book to enhance your read aloud session and present civics learning in a fun, memorable way.

The Power of Read Alouds

Reading aloud helps students learn how to use language and retain key points of the story. It improves their information processing skills, vocabulary, and comprehension. As you read aloud, variations in your pitch, tone, pace, volume, pauses, and eye contact help produce a fluent and enjoyable delivery. The addition of questions and comments in your session—provided in our downloadable lessons—helps create a more fulfilling experience for everybody!

We’ll add new downloadable lessons on a regular basis and we are happy to work with you to develop custom lessons, as well.

2022 Constitution Day Read Aloud Spectacular

Celebrate the Constitution through Literature in the…

2022 Constitution Day Read Aloud Spectacular!

During the week of September 12, 2022 in honor of Constitution Day, The Rendell Center and ABOTA (American Board of Trial Advocates) lawyers again join forces with our popular Read Aloud Program to celebrate the Constitution in the 2022 Read Aloud Spectacular.

ABOTA Lawyers and Judges will join classrooms virtually with hand-selected Read Aloud Sessions focused on the Constitution. The sessions last 30-45 minutes and are ideal for grades K-5.

During these engaging sessions, works of children’s literature are read by lawyers or judges, followed by questions on current issues and the readings.

Join Us For This Exciting Annual Civics Learning Event

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Cover of Unstoppable

Lesson 33

Marshall The Courthouse Mouse

Lesson 40


Lesson 45

I’m a Teacher

I’d like to invite the Rendell Center and ABOTA into my classroom for an engaging lesson.

I’m an ABOTA member

I’d like to work with the Rendell Center and help deliver an engaging lesson.

What Teachers are Saying…

“Thank you very much for this special opportunity. We were awestruck by the presenters.”

Enissa Borine

Wayne Elementary

“Thank you so much for such an exciting story time.”

Tarsha Corbitt

Norwood Elementary

What ABOTA members are Saying…

“Thank you for allowing me to participate today – the students were wonderful and asked great questions!”

Judge Caroline Baker

“I was really looking forward to my reading and I’m glad I did it. The experience was even better than I anticipated. I’d love to do it again.”
Bob Cooper

Salute to Firefighters Read Aloud

Firefighters will actively engage in a Read Aloud Session with your students, discuss the history of volunteer firefighting and how to become an engaged citizen. The program can be tailored to meet your needs. Average length of time is 45 minutes. Firefighters will also answer questions from the students about firefighting.

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Firefighter Read Aloud

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Cover of Unstoppable

Lesson 33

Cover of The Undefeated

Lesson 34

Black Heroes Book Cover

Lesson 35

I Am MLK Jr Book Cover

Lesson 36

Justice Is Book Cover

Lesson 37

The Oldest Student Book Cover

Lesson 38

The Power of Her Pen Book Cover

Lesson 39

Marshall The Courthouse Mouse

Lesson 40

A Judge Grows in the Bronx

Lesson 41

If I Were President

Lesson 42

City Green

Lesson 43

Rufus Goes to School

Lesson 44


Lesson 45

I Voted!

Lesson 46

Elizabeth Started All the Trouble

Lesson 47

Additional Resources

Discover more free, downloadable lessons and tools for teachers. Also check out Maggie’s Civics Corner for lessons you can put right into your daily civics teaching.

The Rendell Center will also work with you to create custom lessons to support your civics teaching.