The mission of The Rendell Center is to promote civic education and engagement. To do this, we provide tools and opportunities for Students and Educators.

The Rendell Center works with K-12 teachers and administrators to promote non-partisan civic education and engagement so that our next generation has the knowledge, skills, and disposition of effective citizens. We achieve this by delivering innovative experiential learning programs for students and professional development opportunities for educators.

Midge and I started The Rendell Center for Civics and Civic Engagement in 2014 to sustain the ideals and support for the civic education and engagement initiatives we had established under the PennCORD (the Pennsylvania Coalition for Representative Democracy) program when I was Governor of Pennsylvania (2003-2011).

Honorable Edward G. Rendell

The Work We Do

Since our founding in 2014, The Rendell Center has helped to restore the civic mission of schools by supporting K-12 teachers and administrators to advance the subjects of U.S. history, government, and civics. Our ability to translate constitutional concepts into engaging exercises with simple terms that teachers can use in the classroom is one of our greatest strengths.

Our non-partisan pedagogical resources, programs, and events are offered in both asynchronous and synchronous formats so that teachers may successfully implement them in this new hybrid learning environment. But best of all, The Rendell Center’s programs and materials are FREE to students, teachers, and schools.

Judges on Judging at the National Constitution Center

The Rendell Center Board

Honorable Marjorie Rendell, President

P. Sue Perrotty, Treasurer

Jennifer Almquist Engelbrecht, Esq

 Larry Brown, Esq

Donna Cooper

Tod J. MacKenzie

 Jeffrey Marrazzo

Honorable Edward Rendell, Vice President

Honorable Theodore McKee

Alison Perelman

 Jesse Rendell, Esq

Matthew Tom, Esq.

 John White

 Gerald Zahorchak


Beth Specker, Executive Director

Dr. Bruce Murphy, Summer Institute Director

Ryan Bravata, Summer Institute Pedagogy Director

Dr. Rose Reissman, Curriculum Advisor

David Trevaskis, Curriculum Advisor

Kathy Smith, Curriculum Advisor

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