Throughout the year, the Rendell Center delivers special programs that are based on fresh content, current events and civic holidays.

2023 Bill of Rights Day Read Aloud - December 11-15

December 15 is Bill of Rights Day.

Join us for our Read Aloud Celebrating the Bill of Rights

December 11-15, 2023

Join The Rendell Center, ABOTA, and The Pennsylvania Bar Association for our December Read Aloud Program focusing on the Bill of Rights. We have selected 3 books to make Read Alouds this month especially memorable.

Freedom on the Menu by Carole Boston Weatherford

Carl the Complainer by Michelle Knudsen

Snowballs for Severance by Richie Frieman

Pennsylvania lawyers and judges will join classrooms virtually with our specially crafted Read Aloud Sessions to narrate our selected works of children’s literature.

The sessions last 30-45 minutes and are ideal for grades 2-5. These engaging sessions will wrap up with discussion questions.

Join Us For This Exciting Annual Civics Learning Event!

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Read Alouds selected for Bill of Rights Day, 2023

cover of the book Freedom on the Menu
Carl the Complainer by Michelle Knudsen
Snowballs for Severance, the Terrifically True Story of Dane Best and the Snowball Ban, by Richie Frieman.

What Teachers Have Said about the Read Aloud Program:

“Thank you very much for this special opportunity. We were awestruck by the presenters.”

Enissa Borine

Wayne Elementary

“Thank you so much for such an exciting
story time.”

Tarsha Corbitt

Norwood Elementary

What ABOTA Members Have Said about the Read Aloud Program:

“Thank you for allowing me to participate today – the students were wonderful and asked great questions!”

Judge Caroline Baker

“I was really looking forward to my reading and I’m glad I did it. The experience was even better than I anticipated. I’d love to do it again.”

Bob Cooper