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About the Center

About the Center

Our Mission

The Rendell Center promotes civic education and engagement. To accomplish this, we offer opportunities for educators and students to develop the knowledge, practices and dispositions of engaged citizenship. For educators, we create curriculum content, pedagogical tools, and professional development experiences. The Rendell Center also provides to students of all ages and grade levels opportunities, events, and spaces for dialogue about and engagement with issues of citizenship and civics.

Our Work

The work The Rendell Center for Civics and Civic Engagement does is divided into two program areas, to be fully developed through 2020:

Curriculum Development: The Rendell Center will create and disseminate a K-12 curriculum (We the Civics Kids) and other curricula and pedagogical tools that assist educators in the promotion of civic education and active citizenship among students.

Professional Development for Educators: The Rendell Center will provide distinctive learning opportunities for educators and significant financial assistance to help make participation possible. The Rendell Center will host summer institutes, including a “Constitutional Scholars Institute” featuring an intensive, week-long course on the substance and teaching of American History, civics, and the Constitution. The Rendell Center will also create other professional development opportunities.