The Rendell Center provides distinctive learning opportunities for Educators along with significant financial assistance to help make participation possible.

Summer Teacher Institute

Each summer we host a one-week institute for K-12 teachers on the U.S. Constitution. Approximately 30 participants convene in Philadelphia for an intensive program involving readings about, lectures, and analysis and discussions of constitutional law and Supreme Court case history.

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Supreme Court Webinars

The Rendell Center in partnership with the Pennsylvania Department of Education invites you to view their on-demand webinar series, Perspectives on the Supreme Court. You can download the presentation in a format that best meets your needs or view it via Google media player. Each new live webinar is recorded and available on this page, allowing you to stream it and add the download materials to your lessons.



The Rendell Center has developed workshops on Teaching the Constitution and the Democracy Experiment led by Rendell Center Constitutional scholars. The workshops are valuable tools if you are looking to reinvigorate your Social Studies Department or revamp your curriculum. Each workshop can be customized to meet your needs. Our goal is to assist teachers in mastering content, with an emphasis on keeping the subject fresh, relevant, and contextual. Sessions include assistance with curriculum development and teaching strategies. The workshops will not only explore substantive matters, but also promote the development of critical thinking: the disposition to question clearly, deeply and broadly will be encouraged. By tracing the main themes and ideas that shape our understanding, and then engaging in deep analysis of amendment issues, it is our goal that participants will be able to apply their knowledge and experience in a way that allows for more active civic education in the classroom.

The Rendell Center also conducts 2-hour workshops on our Literature and History Based Mock Trial Programs.  Contact Rendell Center Staff for additional information.

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What Teachers Are Saying About our Professional Development Programs


Thank you, thank you, thank you. The Mock Trial PD was the best PD I have been to in many years. You provided me with so much information that I can actually use to engage my students. They will love it.

Would you please send me the Mock Trial information for “Monster”?

I am also interested in having you, a lawyer, and/or a judge come to my classroom as well as having my students visit the courthouse during a trial.

Thank you again.

Jodi Fleishman

8th Grade ELA Teacher